Child to elderly in five minutes

No one ever really notices themselves aging – but this viral video puts our changing faces front and centre.

Watch this video for five minutes, and you will have more appreciation for your physical body developing, growing and surviving the environment around it. (As the body goes through changes on the outside, one has to wonder about the inside.)

Anthony Cerniello has made this amazing short film ‘Danielle’, morphing a child to an elderly lady in less than five minutes. At first you see a young Asian girl gazing into the camera, only blinking occasionally, as she slowly matures and gets older. Her face becomes longer, her bone structure more defined, her skin sags and her hair goes grey.

Cerniello said that the video is based around a friend, Danielle, and photographs of her cousins and relatives. Attending Danielle’s family reunion, he and a still photographer, Keith Sirchio, took portraits of her relatives of all ages with a Hasselblad medium-format camera.