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Relief from Sinus Infections and Bronchitis
May, 2002 – Before Beta Glucans I was sick with either sinus infection or chronic bronchitis every other month. If someone I was in contact with had a cold, I was bound to catch it. Especially teaching in school with lots of children around, I was getting sick often. I could never get over the infection/cold. The colds would progress so quick that I would have bronchitis in 3 days and 3 days later be progressing to pneumonia. I could not beat a cold/infection without being on an antibiotic. I was on antibiotics so much that I was building up a resistance to them. At one point I had to be on 1800mg a day. I basically could not fight any colds/infections on my own.

Since I been on Beta Glucans, I have not had a single sinus infection or any bad colds. For the first time in 30 years, I did not get bronchitis in January. I use to always get sick in January and April. I am an asthmatic or should I say was an asthmatic until I started taking Beta Glucans. I am no longer on an inhaler or steroid. I consider Beta Glucans, a miracle drug. I take two every day and will continue this regiment as long as I live. I feel great.

Irma O’Connell, Acworth, Georgia


Lung Cancer Tumor Shrinks
Reported on September 28, 2000, Interviewed by Haru Mizuno
I had a lung cancer and the tumor size was 3.5cm. I took the first round of chemotherapy for consecutive 5 days starting August 27th. Since then, I had had pain in my arm as a side effect of chemotherapy. My younger sister found a book for Beta-1,3-D glucan and was shocked page by page in the book. She was guided by the Institute (author of the book) to Taiyo Bussan and she immediately purchased a bottle of Beta Glucan (500mg 60 capsules). She sent me the bottle with an instruction that “You should take 3 capsules a day”. I (fortunately after all) misunderstood her instruction and started Beta Glucan 3 times a day, 3 capsules each time (9 capsules of 500mg a day). I continued the same dose for 5 days (Sept 19th to Sept 24th). My arm pain was disappeared.

By chance, I was appointed by the hospital to have CT scan check for my tumor on Sept 25th. Both my doctor and I were astonished at the CT scan films. Because, the we could not find the colony of tumor in my lung but could find only a thin contour in the place where we expected to find the 3.5cm tumor. I was supposed to take second round of harmful chemotherapy which costs $100.00 per shot along with immunotherapy with Lentinan twice a day which costs $50.00 per shot throughout the stay in the hospital. Those costs were after medical insurance. But, I did not expect clear improvement in my lung cancer.

Only 5 days with 4,500mgs beta a day! (although the dose amount was my misunderstandings), I found (also my doctor found) that the tumor was almost away from my lung. I appreciate my sister, I appreciate the book and I most appreciate “Beta Glucan”!

Sayuri Miyanaga, 30 years old women, lived in Saitama Pref., Japan


Relief of symptoms from Systemic Lupus
Three years ago when I was 22, I was diagnosed with systemic lupus. I don’t have a lot of symptoms except that I do get sick quite often and sometimes I feel really run down. Lupus just sucks my energy away. Being as young as I am, I exercise and I’m a vegetarian so I should have a lot more energy.

My boss kept telling me I needed to try beta glucan. I was getting monthly sinus infections and then I got some sort of flu strain that was just awful. I knew people who had this flu and they were in the hospital with IVs. So I finally took my boss’s advice and started taking beta glucan. Just a few days after starting on beta glucan I felt 100 times better. I have seen a significant change in my energy level as well. Beta glucan actually even decreased my appetite, which is a good thing. And I’m able to think more clearly as far as thinking on my feet or doing a lot of critical thinking – which is a requirement of my job.

When I don’t feel good and I’m really tired, it’s hard to motivate myself mentally and physically. Beta glucan really helped with both of those. Beta glucan has given me some peace of mind, and I really feel like it’s giving me the boost I need.

Susan Kulonda, Orlando, Florida


Freedom from Colds
I have always been in good, general health, but I was often getting colds and flu. I began taking beta glucan about a year ago and I noticed positive changes in just a couple of weeks. I was hoping that it would improve my immune system in order to combat colds and it has done so very well.

I travel a lot by air and often develop a nasty cold, sore throat or flu a few days after flying, which is very inconvenient when I have meetings to attend. After taking beta glucan I have had only one cold in the last year and that was not as severe as previous ones. If you travel a lot and have the same problem I would recommend taking beta glucan. I also noticed some unexpected benefits like healing from mosquito bites within an hour as opposed to a day or two. The freedom from illness has improved my life.

Richard Guile


Root Canal Infection
I had a root canal done four years ago and since then I kept suffering from an undiagnosed infection that left me housebound for four years. I was so sick that my left kidney stopped functioning in Christmas of 1999. I was having adrenal failure all from a high white blood count infection. I also had two sinus surgeries, but I was still miserable. And nobody could pinpoint what was going on.

I was finally referred to a dentist who believed that the root-canalled tooth was the source of my problems and was willing to take it out. But he had me start taking beta glucan before taking out the tooth. At that point I had been taking a prescription painkiller every 3 to 4 hours for jaw pain. But I had run out of it and felt too bad to go to the pharmacy to pick up another prescription. So I had been taking codeine at night just for the pain. After the beta glucan came, I remember taking two of them in the afternoon and that night I put my codeine out to take before I went to bed. I got up the next morning and I realized I had not taken the codeine. And I have not had one painkiller since because my jaw doesn’t hurt anymore. For the first time in four years I was able to go to church, go shopping, and just do normal things. I have been going ever since. Beta glucan really made a dramatic difference. I will be without food before I will be without a bottle of beta glucan.

Mary Gerrald, Manning, South Carolina


Benefits of a Healty Immune System
I have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. So was looking for help when I acquired knowledge about beta glucan while researching on the internet in 1999. I had no expectation for beta glucan. But I noticed a change in my general health within one week after using beta glucan. And I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin. I have less pain and my recovery time from physical exertion is shorter. My allergies to pollen and other yearly allergies have completely disappeared as well. I’ve had one cold since starting my daily beta glucan regimen, and it was the mildest cold I ever had. It was more like an annoyance than a cold, and it only lasted 2 days.

Last month after working in the garden and doing a lot of kneeling down – something I should never do because I’m a candidate for total knee replacements – one of my legs from the knee down became inflamed and edematous. It appeared to be some sort of cellulite infection and within hours had spread from my knee down to my ankle.

I used some beta glucan and the results were amazing! I could actually see the redness start to disappear and the whole area cleared up within three days. I can’t imagine going a day without using beta glucan for protection and for pain relief for my joints, back, and neck. I highly recommend beta glucan to everyone. Beta glucan should be taken every day to maintain a healthy immune system and safely prevent natural and manmade toxins that initiate disease processes.

Bob Guidice, Kentfield, California


In 1998 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to fight it. I am still on a high dose chemotherapy treatment, but I have been cancer-free for three years. In the meantime I developed a very rare blood disorder called myleofibrosis. My doctors believe I got it from doing so much chemotherapy. Myleofibrosis is scar tissue in the bone marrow. Bone marrow should be spongy, but mine is very brittle. I refer to it as something like a clogged sink. My body makes all the cells I need, but they get clogged in my bone marrow. I have blood drawn three times a week and my hand is the only place where anyone can get a vein. Sometimes it would take someone three to four stabs to get blood. So my hand started looking really old with all this seeping blood underneath.

I went to a health food store and I looked up support for myleofibrosis. And there in the immune deficiencies was beta glucan. I found all this different information and gave it to my doctor. She read it and told me she had no problem with me trying beta glucan. I started taking beta glucan and within just a couple of days I looked down at my hand and all that dead blood was gone. I don’t see any seeping anymore. Now when they draw my blood three times every week, they can actually get the needle into a vein the first time. I would say that nine out of ten times they get the needle in immediately. So I take my beta glucan every day. I won’t go without it. I really won’t.

Joan Hill, California


Menieres Disease
I have always been in pretty good health, but like anyone else, I still catch a cold or flu every once in a while. I wasn’t feeling well when a friend gave me beta glucan to try. I wasn’t sure what beta would do, but I tried it anyway. Three days later I couldn’t believe the results. I felt better beyond my expectations.

Now if I ever do catch a cold or flu, I can get rid of it in a day or two instead of a week or two. Besides that, I don’t get sick as often. Everyone should take beta glucan if for no other reason than to keep colds and flu at a minimum. I’ve found that beta glucan is extremely helpful for other things, too. I have developed Menieres Disease, which affects the ears and can cause deafness, ringing in the ears, dizziness, and nausea. The first time I showed complications from the disease I tripled my dose of beta glucan and within three days the symptoms subsided. The symptoms stayed away for a full year, and when the symptoms recurred I started taking more beta. In a week’s time I was showing no symptoms again! I will absolutely continue taking beta glucan.

Chris Njirich


Scars Healing, Radiant Skin
ALTHEA TAYLOR * I’m entering my fifties and I wanted to make sure that I could prevent any problems with my health. Although I had fairly good health, I’d had some accidents that caused a lot of scar tissue on my face. I didn’t like the scar on my eye because it took away from my appearance. I found out about beta glucan when a customer came in to my health food store. She told me, and I learned from other
sources too, that taking beta glucan could reconnect and regenerate tissues.

Beta glucan made my skin and my overall body look radiant. My scars are healing. They’re getting smaller and smaller. The scar that was on my eye had gathered up my skin in the corner. I kept using the beta glucan and one night I felt something pop on the side of my eye. The tissue popped loose and my eye went back to normal shape.

I also had a scar on my jaw. It left a hard knot that is now gone. The visible scar was about half an inch and now it’s down to the width of my little finger. And childhood scars that I had on my legs and the stretch marks I got from pregnancy are all disappearing as well. I’m much happier now because I don’t have the scars on my face. I feel good and not just because my scars are disappearing. I feel good all over thanks to beta glucan.

Althea Taylor, Coral Hills, Maryland


Eczema Under Control
I wanted to talk just a little bit about beta glucan and what it has done for me. I suffer from eczema of my hands, wrists and stomach area. When I first ordered Beta Glucan, I wanted it for another condition for which I suffer that I’ll tell you about in another email. I have happily discovered that when I commenced my regimen with beta glucan, I noticed that my eczema disappeared, which was at an acute stage then.

Through experimentation with the supplement, I stopped taking it and, low and behold, my eczema came back, not as strong but it did come back about a month after not taking the beta glucan. When I began to take it again, my eczema dried up and I am now eczema free. Thanks to beta glucan, I don’t have to suffer the embarrassment of those ugly dry and darkened areas of my skin.

Anyone who suffers from eczema really should stay on beta glucan. Now, I’m not sure how long I will have to keep using it, but I realize that not only does it help my eczema, but I have not been sick one day since using it. Everyone in my household was sick with the dreadful virus going around this winter but not me and I hold beta glucan responsible for newly developed strong immune system. I’m a true believer…

A Davis, Atlanta, Georgia


Kidney Failure Headed Off
I am living proof that your product works! In March of 1995, my cholesterol was at 325. My family doctor started me on a strict diet, but my cholesterol level was still rising. By August 1995, my feet and legs were swelling very badly. My doctor said it was just part of aging and being a female. In November of 1995, after pushing my doctor for an answer, he finally sent me for an ultra sound test on my legs. There was no blockage, and my doctor could give me no answers. Finally, in December of the same year, I changed doctors!

My new doctors ran tests and found a big kidney problem. He sent me to a Nephrologist. In March of 1996, a biopsy revealed Membranous Glomerulo-Nephritis. The doctor said I would likely have kidney failure within five years. He wanted me to take two cancer drugs and Prednisone to see if this would help my situation. I did not want to take this step unless I absolutely had to.

By the time I heard about Dr. Rozema and Dr. Shortt, my cholesterol level was 506 and Triglycerides were 1816. New tests revealed that I had food allergies and mercury toxicity. In July 1996, I met Dr. Tate. Together we have been working on my problems ever since. Dr. Tate started me on Beta-1, 3-D Glucan in May 1997. Since then my cholesterol is down more than 100 points and triglycerides are half from last year! Best of all, my feet and legs are almost down to normal. The swelling in my face and hands are completely gone. I no longer have to wear long dresses to hide my feet and legs.

My Albumen went from a very low 1.4 to 2.5. Normal range is 2.9 to 5.5. My total blood work has improved immensely! My strength has improved 100%. No longer do I get worn out from cleaning the house. Thank you for this wonderful product and a very special thanks for a very caring Dr. Tate!

Betty Jean Inman


Skin Cancer Vanished
Two years ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer. A tumor was removed very shortly afterward. Nine months later the tumor reappeared and was very sore to the touch. For several months I took nutritional products to try to rid myself of the cancer. Nothing seemed to work. I once again was considering surgery to remove the tumor. It was then that I was introduce to your product Beta Glucan. After taking it for about four weeks, to my amazement the cancer had completely disappeared.

Thanks for a great product!

Billy Ledford


Blood Sugar Level Dropped
I have been a diabetic for 30 years. My sugar level was running so high, and my oral medications were not controlling it. My doctor changed these medicines several times in an attempt to keep me from getting on insulin (the needle). My blood sugar level should run between 90 and 130, averaging about 100 to 115. From January 1997 until recently, my level was running between 160 and 300, averaging about 180 to 200. On June 9, 1997, I started taking 200 mg of Beta Glucan every day. My blood sugar level dropped to between 120 and 200, averaging around 150. On July 8, 1997, I started taking 400 mg of Beta Glucan each day. Remarkably, my blood sugar level has been as low as 70. My levels have averaged between 100 to 140.

Thank you for keeping me off the needle!

Juanita Neves


No More Allergies
For the last twelve years, I have suffered from severe allergies. My head would get so stopped up that the pressure caused very bad headaches. The only relief I could find came from a prescription medication, Seldane-D. I never felt comfortable taking this drug because research revealed that it could cause liver damage when combined with other medications. Everyday my choice was between the Seldane-D, which was quite an expensive choice, or bad headaches.

I chose Seldane-D, but I often wondered what other harm it was doing to my body that might not be discovered until later. In June of this year, a good friend of mine told me about a product that modulated the immune system – Beta Glucan. It had been around for thirty years but had just recently become affordable. I was impressed with the research on this product. Beta Glucan is also an all natural supplement. I decided that I, as well as my loved ones, could not do without this product.

If Tulane and Harvard Universities say it worked, that is good enough for me. Besides, my personal results are the answer to any question I might have had. From the very first day I took Beta Glucan, I have not needed to take anything else for my allergies. Good-bye Seldane-D. Hello, Beta Glucan. Thank you, Mary Friedner, for introducing me to this lifechanging product.

Janet Owen


Beta Glucan Is a Godsend
What a Godsend Beta Glucan has been for my family! My husband, son, and I have always been very healthy, and thanks to Beta Glucan, we expect to remain that way. What’s really great are the results my 82-year old mother is having with your product.

My mother suffers terribly from COPD (Chronic Obstructed Pulmonary Disease) and is on oxygen, in a wheel chair, and was constantly congested. Now that she’s taking the Beta glucan on a daily basis, her lungs, according to her own doctor (and much to his amazement), are clearer than he’s heard them in the three years she has been his patient.

Does she still have COPD? Sadly, yes, and she always will. However, thanks to this wonderful product and the effect it’s having on her immune system, she’s experiencing the best health possible. We, as her family, are elated. Oh, yes, and by the way the terrible Parkinsons’ – like tremor that she had as a result of all the medications she takes, has completely gone away. That’s just another great reason to take Beta-1, 3-D Glucan!

Mary Case Friedner


Never Without Beta Glucan
Let me disclose a little history about myself. I have been a diabetic for almost 30 years. I had a quadruple bypass three and a half years ago with major complications because of my diabetes. I now take a hand full of pills every day. Fortunately for me, a lot of those pills are nutritionally related, such as vitamins , minerals, enzymes, barley green as well as other medicines.

For the last six months or so, I had been experiencing dizzy spells. Around noon, just about every day, I would get dizzy. I would stay dizzy anywhere from one hour to several hours. I kept telling my doctors about these spells, but they didn’t seem to know what was causing them, nor did they seem too concerned. Around the first of July, my son, Ron, asked me to start taking a supplement called Beta Glucan. He told me it was supposed to help my immune system and improve my overall health. I started taking three of the 100 mg capsules every morning when I got up. To my amazement, my dizzy spells went away. Since I started taking Beta Glucan, I have been dizzy only once. However, when I started getting dizzy, it went away. The only change I have made in my lifestyle was to take Beta Glucan.

I also used to get Bronchitis anywhere from 7 to 10 times a season. Since I’ve been taking Beta Glucan, I have had it twice. However, instead of being in the bed or several days, I was only in bed for one day. Another ailment of mine was that I had a growth on my back that I am certain was skin cancer. It has almost completely disappeared since taking your product. I’ll never be without Beta Glucan again!

R.C. Ayers


No Problem Too Big or Too Small
I had two operations for torn cartliedge on both knees this year. I started taking Beta-1, 3-D Glucan right before the second operation. My surgeon and physical therapist were both amazed at how little swelling I had after the second operation. I also healed about 30% faster while taking the Beta-1, 3-D Glucan.

When I was first introduced to Beta-1, 3-D Glucan, I had a terrible chest cold. I took four capsules of Beta Glucan that night, four capsules the next morning and by the evening, my cold was 90% gone! I took four capsules the next day, and my cold was completely gone! I never worry about getting colds anymore. Whenever I feel a cold coming on, I just “double up” on my Beta. I have never seen anything like this. Many times I’ve wished someone would find a “Cure for the common cold”. Well, in my opinion, they did – Beta Glucan!

Joanne Jontz


Dental Problems Are No Problem
I started taking Beta Glucan in August 1997. Honestly, I did not notice anything special until I went to my dentist recently for a cleaning and checkup. As the dentist was checking the X-rays, she remarked that she was surprised because I had a lower Molar that was completely blown out but not abscessed or infected. She said that she could not understand it. I told her that I had an answer. It was that I had been taking Beta-1, 3-D Glucan.

William Beach


An Unknown Skin Condition
My 14 year old granddaughter had an unknown skin problem for over five years. She had bumps all over her arms and legs. Doctors could give her no explanation nor a cure.

She started taking two capsules of the 100 mg of Beta Glucan. Within one month, her skin problem was completely gone! Thank you, Beta Glucan!

Pat Greeley


Unidentified Mark on Back
About one year ago, I accidentally placed a frozen cold pack on my back which caused a brown rectangular mark to appear. It would not go away. After I started taking 300 mg of Beta Glucan per day, I noticed the mark getting lighter and lighter! It’s getting harder to see now!

My son, Alex, also had a skin problem he couldn’t relieve. He has had Eczema on his elbows for five years. After taking 200 mg of Beta Glucan for five days, we could tell a remarkable difference. Thanks so much for a wonderful product!

Christine Condon


Unresponsive Rash Disappeared
My seven year old daughter, Chynna, periodically breaks out with a red rash around her face and mouth. This skin condition has plagued her for over three years. Dermatologists have prescribed several creams and ointments through the years. However, I never felt really comfortable putting prescription medicine so close to her mouth. When a friend recommended a natural supplement that had been proven to help skin problems, I thought, “What could it hurt?”. Never did I expect to get the results that I did.

When Chynna’s rash appeared the next time, I started her on 100 mg of Beta Glucan one morning. To my astonishment, her rash completely disappeared the next night and has not returned since.

Bernice Jones